Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Pictures

These are family pictures we had taken in December.

...I wonder what she's thinking.....

Showing off my new and improved walking skills

Sporting a little 'tude!

A very happy mama and daddy

One of our favorite pics in black and white

Abby loves to fiddle around with bits of string, etc. She has great fine motor unusual talent for spina bifida babies

And here we all are again ('cept in different clothes)

And here's my mama showing off for daddy:0)

Looking around to see what I can get into!

And here is an "oil painting" of me with a Christmas sled

Pictures courtesy of Carla Carter Photography


Carla Carter said...

What a beautiful Family.. I love you guys so much!

China for Abby said...

Thank you, Aunt Carla! You really worked some magic and made us look great for our pics! And we love you too...bunches!

Weebo said...

I miss you. A lot has changed with me and the church. I would love to talk to you again.

Love y'all.